Impact Study: Pathway to Living

By Paul Jarvis, CEO and Co-Founder
February 8, 2023
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Clarent and Pathway to Living partnered together in early 2022 to create a single source of truth for senior living data. Read on to learn why Pathway says "life is better now" and "I have been using this report like my life depended on it!"

First and foremost... THANK YOU! Been using the report throughout the day to help guide conversations with my team and make budget decisions for 2023. Life is better now.


Pathway's leadership team partnered with Clarent to accomplish the following goals: 1. Align all departments and communities on a standard set of KPIs & definitions, 2. Automate reports for all teams (with the right KPIs for each team), and 3. Identify opportunities for improvement based on data


Clarent connected to Yardi and UKG / Kronos (payroll) and translated messy, disconnected data into Clarent's KPI Library. These KPIs are then shared automatically shared with the Pathway team via email "Smart Reports".

Raw data is extracted from source systems and pulled into the Clarent KPI Library, where is is transformed from messy data into senior-living specific KPIs. These KPIs are then shared with the Pathway team via Clarent's automated Smart Reports.


Standardized Reporting: Team leaders receive automated reports with a standard set of KPIs covering payroll, sales, financials and more.

Insightful KPIs: Clarent automatically calculates complex KPIs, including % of frontline staff that turnover before 90 days, Medicaid AR, Expense PRDs, and more! 

Data-Driven Decisions: Clarent's Smart Reports automatically stack rank communities and compare budget vs. actuals to show actionable insights.