We speak two languages:
senior living and tech

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Our team combines deep industry expertise in both senior living and technology. This allows us to connect complex data systems and translate data into KPIs and insights tailored for senior living.

The Clarent difference

We really understand senior living. For example, if you want to view occupancy in terms of physical occupancy, financial possession, or look at second residents, we can do that. We lean into complexity to ensure that you have 100% confidence in our KPIs.

“The Clarent team understands how senior living works and they have the technical skill to pull the data together. It’s a winning combination.”

Bill Shorten
Co-CEO of Cascade Living Group

We bring clarity to data

See how Clarent contributes to successful senior living portfolios

How Clarent started

We didn't start out as a senior living data company. In fact, our first product was a tool for managing policies and procedures across chain restaurants and stores. However, during 2020 we discovered our software was a great fit for senior living and fell in love with the mission & people of senior living.

Over 2021, we expanded from policy management to data analytics as customers kept expressing the same frustration with disconnected and messy data.

Today, Clarent is 100% focused on data analytics for senior living. We are motivated to help owners and operators (from EDs to Executives) quickly access the data they need to succeed so that they can focus on making an impact and spending more time with residents.








What we bring to the table

  • Decades of experience building data platforms for Fortune 500 companies
  • Industry experience working at leading operators in roles such as Executive Director and Director of Data Analytics & Pricing Strategy
  • Expertise in senior living data analytics and pricing strategy
  • Commitment to solving hard problems with customers
  • A sense of fun and adventure: we are building something new!


Paul Jarvis

CEO, Co-Founder

Paul Jarvis is the co-founder and CEO of Clarent. Paul is an expert in data integration & analytics and has helped senior living operators, owners, and Fortune 500 executives unlock value from data. Paul lives in Houston and enjoys family time, working out, and cooking.

Henry Hutcheson

CTO, Co-Founder

Henry Hutcheson is the co-founder and CTO of Clarent. Henry is a self-taught software engineer who loves being outside and spending time with his family and crazy dogs.


Become part of the platform driving senior living success

Our platform is built by impactful people. Join the team of technology experts empowering success across the senior living industry.

The Clarent team understands how senior living works and they have the technical skill to pull the data together. It’s a winning combination.

Bill Shorten
Co-CEO of Cascade Living Group

As owners, we need accurate data from our operators to guide portfolio strategy. Clarent provides a solution that does exactly that! We are excited about our partnership to elevate our analytics and provide valuable insights to our stakeholders.

Katie Meyer
Senior Vice President, ReNew REIT

The Clarent team have made great strides in standardizing operating data for the senior housing industry. There is no way to bend the curve more effectively than making decisions based on data.

Micah Gerber
Senior Advisor, Sinceri Senior Living