Metrics that Matter #1: Frontline Staff Retention

Welcome to Metrics that Matter - our deep dive into the KPIs that power senior living. All of these KPIs are automatically calculated by Clarent and included in our KPI Library.

First off, a KPI that is top of mind for everyone: employee turnover. Shout-out to our Director of Customer Success, Trudy Croxton, for suggesting this KPI from her 10+ years of experience as an ED.

KPI: % of Frontline Staff Retention > 90 Days

What this tells you: What % of your new frontline hires are staying longer than 90 days (most employees who are going to quit do so before 90 days, so after 90 days they are likely to stay long-term).

Why is this hard to calculate: Employees start and quit at different times, so you'd need to keep a running list of employees (with start & end dates across all communities) and then update it every 2 weeks after each pay period.

How we do it at Clarent: Our software pulls updated payroll data and tracks start / end dates automatically to maintain a rolling count (without human effort).

Next steps with this KPI: Stack rank communities to identify where you have a turnover problem and implement solutions like wage adjustments, retention bonuses, or employee appreciations.

Employees are the heart of resident experience and community culture. Use this KPI to track staff retention and stay on top of employee turnover.